The Wilderness FAQ's


The Wilderness FAQ's

How did you come up with your name? In the bible, Jesus was led by The Spirit of God into THE WILDERNESS to be strengthened and prepared for His ministry. The children of Israel wandered through THE WILDERNESS and grew in their dependence on and understanding of God as they made their journey to their promised land. King David fled to THE WILDERNESS to take refuge from his enemies and to be still with The Lord. THE WILDERNESS, in the bible, has been a symbol of intimacy, refuge, preparation and sanctification, and it is this symbolism that led us to name our family friendly campground THE WILDERNESS. It is our desire that families and individual campers alike would be able to retreat to THE WILDERNESS to foster intimacy within their families, find a time of refuge from their stresses and develop a deeper connection with their savior.

How much does it cost? Our family friendly campground is FEE FREE. We do not charge a set fee for people to utilize our campground (except for weddings of course). We consider our campground an extension of our overall ministry and we trust God for all of the funds to maintain our grounds. We rely on a LOVE OFFERING, donation system when it comes to the upkeep and future development of our campground. With that said, one thing we do request is that every group camping with us bring a trash bag to thoroughly clean their site upon departure and any other trash they may find on the grounds. Also, each group utilizing our property will need to bring in enough portable toilets to accomdate their size group :-)

Do we have to register to camp? Yes. Once you register, you will receive an email confirming your dates. You will also be asked to verify that you have read and agree to our campground rules and to complete the appropriate waivers required. You will also be required to provide an additional insured certificate for your group event. ANYONE CAMPING OR UTILIZING OUR PROPERTY WITHOUT PROPER REGISTRATION WILL BE CONSIDER TRESPASSING.

What do you mean by 'Family Friendly' camping? THE WILDERNESS has been structured to be a fun place for people to be able to camp with the smallest of children, without having to worry about profane speech or a party atmosphere. Our campground is a DRUG FREE, SMOKE FREE and ALCOHOL FREE environment. In addition, we ask our campers to respect a 'quiet time' between the hours of 9pm and 8am. This does not mean campers can't enjoy company with one another during our quiet time, but we do ask that any music be turned off and voices be kept at a respectful level.

Is there an age limit? No, but anyone under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. 

Are pets allowed at The Wilderness? We have a no pet policy. The only exception made on this policy is for service animals. Written proof is required for this exception.

Is there water and electricity at the campsites? Our campsites are all primitive sites. This means that there is no water or electricity at the campsites. We do, however, allow quiet technology generators or solar power systems to be brought in. We do have electricity at the picnic area, as well as water near the picnic area.

Are there showers and toilets? No. Each group must bring in enough portable toilets to accomodate their group or event. Baby wipes make for a great shower alternitive.

Is there a picnic area? Yes. Our picnic area has multiple picnic tables and BBQ grills. We also have electrical plugs and lights for night time eating and fellowship. We do not have cooking utensils or grill brushes. Please clean up any food or trash after using the picnic area. Please turn off the lights, if you are the last one leaving the picnic area at night. You will need to plan accordingly to clean your cooking utensils.

Are there other activities? As of now, we have a horseshoe pit (bring your own horseshoes), 4 tether-ball poles, a GaGa ball it (bring a ball), an outdoor dodgeball arena (bring your own dodgeballs and a kickball field (bring your own equipment). Feel free to bring your own board games, cards, dominoes or any other portable activities you may have.