The Wilderness Check in/out

Check In / 10am

  • Park in the roped off grass parking area (FOLLOW THE SIGNAGE)
  • If needed, you may use our carts to assist your load in process
    • Located on the building adjacent to the picnic area
    • Please return for other campers to use after you
  • Make sure you are familiar with and agree to our camp rules
  • Study The Wilderness map to locate the campsite(s)
  • Rake leaves or debris away from fire rings

Check Out

  • Pour water over your fire
  • Thoroughly clean up your campsite(s)
  • Please tie it up the trash bag and take it to the dumpster
  • Put a clean trash liner in the trash can and ensure that the trash lid is tightly secured on trash can
  • Pick up any trash you may find throughout the campground as you load out
  • Return any of our carts you may use during your load out process
  • Ensure that the picnic area lights have been turned off
  • Give us a shout out by sharing our Facebook Page to your profile with a super cool write up :-)