YARD revival

Growing heaven one neighborhood at a time...

Did you know that a revival doesn't have to be held inside of a church building? Are you a Christian? Do you love Jesus? Do you want your friends, family and neighbors to have an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus and the POWER of the gospel? Do you have a back yard or a front yard or a community park? Do you live in an apartment community with a community center that can be rented out or reserved? Well, shoot dang, how bout hosting a YARD revival? Fill out the YARD revival booking form and we can begin to dream and discuss ideas and strategies.


  • A YARD revival can be a one day event or a multi-day event.
  • We do not charge a set fee
  • We will set up a ministry table at the event, inviting people to consider a love offering
  • We will bring our portable sound system
  • We ask you to try to assemble a small team to help you prepare and promote
  • We ask you to handle all the promotion (we have promotional products available, if needed)
  • We ask you to handle any expenses beyond the sound system and preaching, if any (food, activities, etc...)
  • We ask you to recruit a worship leader (this is optional)



Booking Form

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