Retreat FAQ's



So, what's a turn key camp & what does it cost? A turn key retreat includes the use of our facilities for lodging and programming, a member of our team to provide daily teaching and/or preaching, a member of our team to lead worship and handle all A/V needs, a member of our team to handle all meal prep and provision and a member of our team to lead a time of organized recreation. A turn key trip, including everything detailed above, will cost $175 per person for a 4 day retreat. Want to add more than 4 days, no problem. Want less than 4 days, no problem. When we say that we will customize the experience for your group, we mean what we say!

On a tight budget? We understand and are here to help. For $10 per day per person, you can have access to our bunkhouse and shower-house facilities, while selecting any facility add ons you may desire at a small additional per person daily charge. You will have full control over planning and facilitating all the programming. That doesn't mean that we won't be involved or at the ready to serve. Our team will communicate with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you full access to the facility add ons you select. We will be a liaison, but will allow you the responsibility and freedom to do all of the leg work.

Minimum/Maximum group size? In order for us to be able to break even on our utilities and janitorial expenses, the minimum group size required is 10 participants. We do not recommend bringing more than 64 participants, but we will are able to and will certainly work with you in any way necessary to accommodate larger groups. Likewise, if you have a group smaller than 10 people, we are more than willing to accommodate your group with a payment to cover our 10 person minimum.

What are the sleeping accommodations? We will house your guys and gals in separate locations within The Epicenter bunkhouse. We have 64 very comfortable, 12" Sealy mattresses. We have pillows and all the linens, however, we do ask each participant to bring their own blanket if they easily get cold or a fan if they easily get hot. Each bed has their own electrical socket. We can provide private sleeping areas to individuals who may have special needs.

Where will we shower? We have constructed a shower facility on site to shower everyone on the team. We have a total of 6 showers, which can handle up to 80 people effectively. We are able to use a shower trailer from one of our ministry partners to accommodate larger groups, at an additional cost, if necessary. Each participant should bring their own towel and toiletries.

Will we be expected to clean? Yes. Throughout the week and on the morning of departure, a member of our team will instruct and organize your group to help us take care of and clean the facilities. This should not take longer than about 30 minutes each day.

Can we incorporate outdoor camping? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we would encourage this to help further challenge and stretch your group. There is no extra charge to add outdoor camping, however, you will have to bring your own gear. Also, please note, while we do have a campground restroom/shower facility, the 12 campsites that we have are primitive camping with no electricity or running water.

Are low ropes included in the turn key price? No. If you would like for us to facilitate your group through the team building tract of the low ropes elements, we can work up a separate package for you, $25 per person.

Are there any activities on site? You better believe it!! We have loads of on site activities for some serious unwind time. We have a outdoor dodge ball arena, a GaGa ball pit, a kickball/rag ball field, a horseshoe pit, a big tire swing and four tether ball poles. Be sure to bring your favorite board games for some great fellowship out at our picnic area!!

What about WiFi? We have WiFi, but unfortunately it is at super crazy slow dial up speed. Until we can improve our signal, we have to reserve WiFi to leadership ONLY for planning and daily operations.