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There is an underlying expectation in American church culture that church leaders are ultimately responsible for the spiritual growth of the individual and the participation of the congregation. No doubt, church leadership has a key shepherding role and should continually spur the body towards love and good deeds, however, at Servanthood Fellowship, personal responsibility is at the core of our structure and strategy. Our ministry philosophy is to provide opportunity. We are about giving each individual opportunities to gather, to group, and to go. Our church leadership puts great effort in cultivating these opportunities, in order to make sure that every individual has every opportunity to reach their full potential while connecting meaningfully within our church community.


Personal responsibility is at the heart of our ministry strategy. We believe and we teach that all victory within the Christian walk and all vitality within the church community begins with YOU, the individual person choosing to live a surrendered life in obedience to Jesus and a sacrificial life of love towards the body of Christ. If every individual within the church would determine to stop pointing to someone else and simply embrace the high call of personal responsibility, the church would shine like the city on a hill that God intended. Personal responsibility is quicklybecoming a negative concept within our culture. We want to evaluate someone else. We want to expect someone else. We want to blame someone else. At Servanthood Fellowship, we don’t look to someone else. We raise our hand and declare, “Here am I, Lord…”


Discipleship, spiritual growth and fellowship are the most basic fundamentals of church life. When we assemble together, for the purpose of worshipping God, hearing from God, praying to God or be united in fellowship, we practice our faith in such a way that binds our hearts with one another through the common love we share for Jesus Christ.


Life is all about relationships. Although relationships can be messy and stressful and downright difficult, they are essential to our faith journey and overall well being. God declared that it is not good for man to be alone. It is not His intention for us to withdraw and operate on an island. Authentic connection will always lead to vibrant community. Vibrant community can never be possible until we learn to make ourselves vulnerable to one another and to trust God with the fear that comes with that vulnerability. Sure it is risky, but you will never have an investment of great return that is without great risk.


The end all to spiritual maturity is the Great Commission. The overall purpose of the church is to get out of our air conditioned buildings and to go into the world to tell people about the good news of Jesus and to teach them to obey everything He has commanded. If all of our meetings do not funnel down to this, we have completely missed the mission and we should simply lock our church doors to never return again. Living beyond ourselves and discovering how God has designed us to go will carry us into the abundant life promised by Christ. We will never walk in this phenomenal power, as long as we remain comfortable sitting in our padded chairs.