Our Culture

Our ministry philosophy is very simple: celebrate Jesus through corporate worship, develop spiritual maturity through intentional discipleship and share the good news of redemtion through personal evangelism.

The church was never designed to be a place to impress the world or wow the community. We trust God to send people to partner with us in reaching the world and loving the community; people who will take personal responsibility to live out their faith and advance the gospel. Rather than asking the question, “What can the church do for me?”, we press people to ask, “What can we do for the kingdom?”. 

Servanthood Fellowship is one of many churches in our area providing opportunity to serve and worship Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking the time to explore who we are and what we're about. If The Holy Spirit stirs your heart by what you see and hear, we would love for you to be an impactful part of our fellowship. If your heart is not compelled to join us, we pray that God would draw you to a church where you can grow and serve Him in a manner that glorifies His great name!



We are a group of “foolish people”(1) who understand that even in our most glamorous appearance we are in need of God’s righteousness(2) , which comes only through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ(3). We are a group of “foolish people” who have come united in spirit(4) to forcibly advance the kingdom of God(5) through an attitude of servanthood(6) and consecrated obedience(7), as modeled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are a group of “foolish people”(8) who refuse to demand the church cater to our expectations(9) and who commit to being made more into the likeness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ(10).

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At Servanthood Fellowship, we do not have a body comprised of membership. Our church body is made up of a partnership. People joining in with our vision are not recognized as church members, but as ministry partners. Although it may seem to be a matter of semantics, the distinguishing between membership and partnership is a key component of our focus. Membership tends to send a message of privilege and expectation. Partnership sends a message of accountability and personal responsibility. We encourage the people called to partner with Servanthood Fellowship to embrace the gravity of the responsibility that God is calling them to and to recognize the accountability of being faithful to that call. We expect every partner to tithe(1) and respond in obedience to The Holy Spirit in relation to free will offerings(2). We anticipate every partner to serve The Lord as a functioning part of our church body with their time, talent and giftings(3). We imagine each partner faithful to the fellowship, refusing to forsake the assembly(4). We view each partner as a minister of the gospel(5), rather than a church volunteer, called to serve Jesus within our body and proclaim Jesus to our community and the world in general(6).

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Our leadership team is made up of pastors(1), elders(2) and deacons(3). The elder body partners with the pastors to both lead the body and maintain a high level of accountability. Both major and minor decisions for the church will be discussed and decided upon by the elder body. Major business of the church will be brought before the body for fervent prayer and will be voted upon by the elders. A majority vote within the elder body is required for the approval of all decisions. In the event of a tie, the matter at hand will be tabled and re-examined at a later date. In addition, the elders will be able to rightly divide the Word of God through preaching or teaching(4). The deacon body leads by an example of service. They provide assistance to the body, in order for the staff to attend to prayer and the ministry of The Word(5). Additional pastors, elders and deacons will be introduced to the leadership team upon a vacancy or upon determination that additions are needed. New leadership will be instituted by recommendation, discussion and a vote of the current elder body. The removal of a pastor, elder or deacon will be instituted by recommendation, discussion and a vote of the current elder body.

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