Meet Our Vendors

  • a detailed description of our vendors and their product line can be seen below

Our Specialty Gourmet Foods are Empanadas, fried or frozen - Savory Beef & Veggies, Chicken & Chive, Sausage Poblano Jalapeño Jack and Turkey/Bell pepper Medley. Tonadas also sells Marinated Slow Cooked Lean Pulled Pork Carnita Tacos or by the pound. We also sell Amazingly Addictive Creamy Cilantro Sauce.

Howling Mad Hot Sauce is dedicated to making quality hot sauce from fresh ingredients. We're Crazy About Flavor!!! We are a Texas based, family operated business. We are dedicated to sustainability and grow many of our own peppers using organic methods. We source the ingredients that we don't grow locally and organically whenever possible.

Biryani Hut Indian Food

Biryani Hut Indian Food is very particular in using high quality ingredients to deliver fresh, authentic Indian Food to their customers. In addition to pleasing the palette, Biryani Hut is passionate about introducing its customer to the Indian culture through delicious Indian cuisine.

Simply Homemade

Simply Homemade is a small, local, family owned business. We specialize in jaring fresh Jams, Pickled Veggies & more!! Everything is made with tender care, just the way Granny used to make it; a little hard work and a whole lot of LOVE.

GrandE Tamales, LLC is a family owned business offering hand crafted tamales with authentic Mexican flavor. We are dedicated to providing high quality and great tasting Tamales as we become one of your family's favorite meals!

Stump Farms is a Magnolia Farm that produces seasonally fresh canned or frozen produce, jelly & sauces from our gardens. We make family friendly skincare, naturally made and milked. We also offer processed whole chicken & rabbit.

What is Baked Popcorn you ask? Only the crunchiest, most flavorful popcorn you will ever eat. It's all because The Taste is Baked Right In! Our popcorn is made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. It's like nothing you have ever tasted, because there is nothing else like it. It's never sticky, caked up or messy. It never gets on your hands.

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread, baked in a pan of olive oil. Roasted Garlic and Gruyere, Olive Asiago, Jalapeño and Cheddar, Potato and Gorgonzola, as well as Rosemary are my most popular and requested. Focaccia is commonly an inch thick and used as a dipping bread. Mine is approximately three inches, which gives you more options than simply dipping it. I also sell homemade dipping oils and bruschetta.

We supply our animals all-natural, high quality feed. None of our animals are exposed to pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. We currently have over 1,600 laying hens that produce on average Medium to Eggstra Large brown and white eggs and 1,000 laying duck hens. Our eggs are immediately washed in a non-chlorine, all natural solution and then refrigerated. We offer locally raised and processed broiler chickens and turkey. These birds are young and tender and will yield around 3.5 to 5.5 lbs after processing for chickens and 15 to 20 lbs for turkey. We raise all of our pigs on pasture to allow them to eat grass and root for grubs. Lastly, all of our cattle and lambs are all 100% grass fed.

If you’ve heard about Turmeric, you know about its anti-inflammatory properties. We’ve added it to olive oil, along with some beneficial herbs and spices to create flavorful oils that can be used to sauté or roast everything from grilled fish to oven roasted potatoes. We have spreadable sauces that give you a sweet way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric on everything from toast to ice cream. Our herbal teas give you a punch of Turmeric in a hot or cold drink. With cold and flu season upon us, our Elderberry Syrup with the added boost of Turmeric is a must for the entire family.

Kmiec Farm

Kmiec Farm is located in Sealy Tx. We are a small family run farm, which has been growing produce for our family and local customers. We have added bees to our farm and offer raw honey and comb honey, along with lotions made from the bees wax. We recently added strawberries and blackberries to provide fresh berries in the spring. We also offer jellies and jams. We have free range chickens and duck and offer farm fresh chicken and duck eggs. We are currently building greenhouses to extend our growing seasons for farm fresh produce.

We only offer the very best quality seafood on the market. Every week, we replenish our products from local fishermen, so you can always be assured of freshness and proper handling. You will never get a farm raised product from us and we will never short cut on quality! Oooooo Weeeee, come get ya sum!!!


Driven by our love for coffee, community, and food. Coffee is something you can have on the go, or it’s something you can sit and enjoy. We are passionate of bringing people together, building relationships, and building the community. What better way than a cup of life @ Whippet. Live responsibly. Drink better coffee.

Have you been trying to find a delicious, fresh bagel in your area?? Buff’s Bagels & Bakery offers fresh, hand-rolled bagels in all sorts of flavors made with only the highest quality ingredients. From your classic Everything Bagel, to a more colorful Fruity Pebbles Bagel, we have options for everyone. Keto and Gluten Free products are available as well!

Lloyd's Own Bakery

We are a boutique unique bakery in that all of our ingredients are from local Texas farmers, containing no unwanted additives. All our breads, both yeast and non yeast are free from chemical preservatives. We use no artificial sugars and little other sugars. We specialize in breads of many designs and flavors; yeast breads, sweet breads, rolls, muffins and scones are just some of the products we prepare. We are a health conscious company and attempt to retain as many of the nutrients in our ingredients as possible. We look forward to serving you with quality bread products.

Callies Corner Bakery is a family run bakery that strives to bring high end pastry and deserts to Texas. We are determined to make people smile with the deserts we make.

Petite Creperie

We are a small French inspired creperie currently serving the Montgomery County area since 2017. We offer both sweet and savory crepes and pride ourselves on using local ingredients and suppliers whenever we can.