The Wilderness Market

Food Court GRAND Opening

The purpose of our mid week market is to bring fresh and local, top quality food products to the residents of Magnolia Texas and to the greater Montgomery County area. There are a lot of REALLY good weekend farmers markets in our area, but by mid week, many people need a way to stock back up on their fresh and local specialty food products. We are launching our market to meet that need, as well as provide people a quaint atmosphere for a little escape from the hectic pace of life. Spend some quiet time on our walking trail or have a picnic/playtime at our picnic area/children's playground space, all the while replenishing your pantry to get you through til the weekend markets roll back around. We will also have delicious crepes and baked goods for breakfast, as well as a wide variety of specialty coffee selections. We have some fantastic food vendors for unique lunch selections as well. One last thing: our market is held INDOORS, so no need to worry about the pesky rain, sweltering heat or bitter cold!!! We look forward to seeing a ton of folks each week from 9am to 2pm @ the mid week market @ The Wilderness every Wednesday! Help us spread the word and tell EVERYONE you know!