Jason Fussell

Some of you know Jason. Some of you don't. For those of you who don't, I hope to one day introduce you to this salt of the earth man. We know him very well and we love his 'bigger than Texas' heart and his 'never met a stranger' personality! He loves Jesus and he loves people and we are hoping to be able to bring him on staff as an vital team member of Battle Cry Ministries. God has gifted Jason with an amazing skill set! He can build anything out of anything and fix stuff that seems to be unfixable. His heart for people, coupled with his God given ability of craftsmanship, has proven to be invaluable to our mission to love RIDICULOUSLY and will better enable us to share the love of Christ with people who are in need of a little hope or a helping hand! 

If you are not already aware of our ministry philosophy, we operate on a faith based approach to ministry. In other words, rather than charge people in need or request a set fee to share the gospel, we ask and trust God to stir the hearts of people to help support the vision He births in our spirit. He has faithfully done so since our launch in 2001. This vision is no different. We will see this unfold through the driven and generous hearts of people, ordinary people just like you! BELIEVE with us and let's watch God do something amazing.

Our short term goal is to raise $12,000 by August 1st. Hitting this goal will allow us to pay Jason a part-time salary of $1,000 per month for one year. Our mid term goal is to raise $24,000 by October 1st, in order to secure a second year of part-time salary funding. Our long term goal is to raise $36,000 by January 1st, to secure a 3rd year. Anything raised above $36,000 will expand the number of hours Jason can work, as well as the monthly amount we can pay him. Are these big numbers? You bet they are, but we have a BIG God who stirs the big hearts of people and we believe that God will deliver!!!

could he be stirring you?

Would you please pray about helping us bring Jason on staff with Battle Cry Ministries? You could do this with a one time donation or by committing to a monthly contribution. One thing you can be certain of: a financial seed sown into fueling the heart and talent of Jason Fussell is a seed that will produce a great return for the kingdom of heaven! Thank you for your prayerful consideration. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE