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There are three ways that people help Battle Cry Ministries impact the world with the gospel. Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with our ministry.

Although the results may not always be measurable, the prayers of God's people accomplish much. We believe that! We recognize that without a heavy prayer covering, our ministry will be less effective. It is our desire to see God move in full power at every ministry opportunity He brings our way. We are not satisfied with a trickle of His power, we want nothing less than His mighty rushing river.

Word of mouth has always proved to be our greatest method of promotion. If you have experienced our ministry and were blessed as a result, please consider sharing the heart of Battle Cry with a friend or family member, who may in turn, share with their pastor or key decision maker of their church. If you have personal contact with a pastor or key decision maker, please consider sharing our ministry directly to them.

Year after year, God has used generous people to help fund and fuel the ministry efforts of Battle Cry. Battle Cry Ministries is a faith based, 501 C3 ministry, which has operated on a conservative budget for the past eleven years. We have been richly blessed by the selfless hearts of our donors and take seriously the responsibility of Godly stewardship with every penny that comes our way. We are set up to receive contributions in one of two ways, by check (payable to BCM) to our mailing address or through our secured online PayPal account.