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From the very beginning, I have been blessed. I grew up in church most of my life, and have had some great role models that showed me what following Christ is suppossed to look like. I feel like God has been watching out for me and calling me towards Him my whole life. It wasn't until sophomore year of highschool that I got serious about seeking the Lord. Even then, I still failed a lot, and got distracted easily.

When I got to college, i was heavily involved in a ministry called the BCM. I was able to see people my own age who were on fire for God, and it blew me away. I was only there for two years, but I became a completely different person after my time there. That was when my focus on how I wanted to live my life changed. I fell in love with the Lord, and became truly grateful for what Jesus did for me.

Shortly after leaving college, Homer reached out to me at a camp we were working at together. He asked me to come intern with him in Texas, and that I would be serving for two years and doing all kinds of ministry. I immediately knew i wanted to, and that it was also an invitation from the Lord. Since graduating highschool, the only thing that made sense to do was minsitry. This world is temporary, so I'd rather spend it doing something eternal. Fast forward two and half years, and I began my internship here in Magnolia, TX.

I started serving with Battlecry Ministries in January of 2020. Since i have arrived, I have grown tremendously in many areas. There have also been many struggles that I have faced while pursuing ministry, but I'm constantly reminded to count the trials I face as joy. Ministry is not without its hardships, and it is definitely not the most appealing at times. Yet it is also the most appealing at other times and all I want to do. I extremely happy that I have been given this opportunity, and have already met so many amazing people. I'm not sure how long I will be here, but I know I will stay until God tells me otherwise.

Here you will see everything I am involved in, the people I encounter, the ministry I get to do, and how God uses me.


I serve here for absolutely no pay whatsoever. I do not receive any paychecks to do ministry here. That means I live off of faith. Faith in my friends and family, and faith in God, to help me meet my basic needs as I continue serving the Lord. I have been super blessed to be able to do this, but I cannot do this without support. I would not be here without the people who have donated. Once I stop receiving donations, and run out of funds, I will unfortunately have to go back home. 

God has been faithful, and I have not had to worry too much about finances. I am truly grateful for the people He has put in my life. Extremely grateful. It is because of them that I get to stay here.

Know that everything I receive will be spent on things like groceries, gas, vehicle repairs, basic needs. I do not use this money for personal use. Only for what is necessary for living and doing ministry. It is why I can travel to these different ministries and help the people I get to meet.

Please prayfully seek the Lord on whether this is something you should do. I do not want support for the sake of support. Only what you believe God is putting on your heart to give. Give wherever God tells you to, it doesn't matter if it is me. I take my support as a sign that God still needs me here in Texas. So if He isn't telling people to give, then He is telling me to go somewhere else. Simple as that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and know that I appreciate you more than words could say.
If you would like to support me, there are a couple options below on how to.


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Monday, September 20, 2021 9:19 AM

Video biographies coming soon

Monday, September 20, 2021 9:19 AM
Monday, September 20, 2021 9:19 AM

Soon I will be posting a series of video biographies of the people I interact with while doing ministry. You will get to hear about what God has done in their lives, as well as what they are doing for the Lord today.

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What I do                                                                             

Mission Teams

When we receive mission teams, from all over, one of my main focuses is the people. I have made many new friends in the last 2 years from fellowshiping with the groups that come serve with us. I have been told that I am great at making friends with people I have just met, which I believe to have come straight from the Lord, because I am an introvert at heart. If you knew me in highschool, then I was not very social. So it is amazing to see how I have grown in that area the closer I get to God. I love being able to hear and share stories with the people I get to meet in these groups. 

My other focus is to lead them when we do service projects. I am in charge of guiding our team and representing, not only Battlecry, but the kingdom of heaven as we serve our community and local minsitries. We have fun serving together too! Some things I have gotten to do with our groups include: digging holes and setting posts for a low ropes course, folding stacks upon stacks of clothes for our friends over at SOS, putting together shelving units for the Abundant Harvest Kitchen, and doing a ton of yard work for a friend who was unable to walk. Each time has been refreshing and fulfilling to get to exercise my gift of service with our mission teams.

While we have groups, we also give them the option of whether they would like to prepare their own meals, or allow us to do it. When we prepare meals, I help Homer and Robin with meal prep and making sure that things are set out, thawed, and warmed up at the appropriate times. This sometimes requires waking up at 5 am to stick something in our warming oven. But every time I have done this, I have never felt tired until after the group leaves at the end of the week. And I am confident that it is the Lord giving me the energy to keep pushing forward to the end goal.

Mission teams are one of my favorite parts of being here. It is what fuels my desire to stay and continue to serve at Battlecry. Being able to serve and have fellowship together all week with them is when I truly feel like God is using me to my fullest.

The Wilderness

Our Wilderness Campground is another one of my responsibilities. Part of what I do is making sure it is looking good for our campers. Raking, relpacing the trash, and picking up fallen limbs are a few things I do to keep it taken care of. However, I don't always have to do it all myself. We often will have either scout troops, or other volunteers, come and help us clean up the campground. They always do a great job and knock out a lot of upkeep that I would have to do.

I also get to occassionally talk to our campers and hang out with them in the evenings. Every now and then I will have deep conversations and swap stories with people around the campfire.

There are also a few situations that involve homelessness and families who are struggling. A part of being a free campground comes with these kinds of encounters. We try our best to meet them where they are, and help them out as they are transitioning from one place to another, all the while sharing the Gospel with them.



About half of my week is filled with traveling to our local ministries and serving with them. I believe one of my main spiritual gifts is Service, so this is my personal minsitry every week. There are three different ministries that I go to on a weekly basis, and I simply ask them what they need, and I fill that role. Sometimes it's organizing a conex full of clothes, or sifting through a donation box, or cleaning horse stalls. At the end of the day, it's service, and I enjoy being able to make things easier for the leaders at these ministries. I have been developing close relationships at these places and supporting my family in Christ.


Under Over is a ministry that focuses on helping the homeless, but also feeding the community. Every Friday I get to serve alongside of their leaders and help them with whatever tasks need filling that day. They receive loads of food almost everyday, and then turn right back around and deliver it to low income families in their surrounding area. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they open up their "Mission". This is how Under Over takes care of their homeless community, by welcoming them in and meeting their needs. Showers, laundry, fresh clothes, and a hot meal. They also have a bible study everyday before lunch so that they can share the gospel with them.

They also have a program for men, where they take them through 6 month process of getting clean and finding the Lord. They house them, feed them, and intentionally pursue them. During this progarm they also help these men figure out what they are good at, and help them turn it into a way to make a living. Some examples are helping them pay for college classes so they can learn to weld and start a welding business, or giving them a space to work on small engine repairs. They care deeply about these men and want them to succeed, not only in life, but also with God. Every day they have at least 2 bibly studies where they seek the Lord together.


Every Saturday, I go to a ministry called SOS specializes in helping low income families. They receive donations of all kinds from their community, and then give it back to those who are in need. This includes clothes, toys, furniture, household appliances, and other items.

I help sort through their donation box and also sift through the abundance of clothes that they receive. This is definitely tedious work, but there is a huge need for it. I love being able to go and make it easier on them, even if just a little bit.

Horse Ranch

Here at the ranch, I get to help disciple some guys who struggle with all kinds of things. This ministry uses Equine therapy to help these teenagers. They teach them how to groom and ride horses, and it is the students responsibility to take care of their horse. Where as the other ministries I volunteer at are more of a serving focus, here I will get to mentor and walk alongside some guys and hopefully introduce them to the Lord. The leadership of the ranch loves the Lord too, and they make sure put a focus on Christ when leading students through this program.