Our Beliefs


We believe the Bible to be completely true(1). We believe the Bible to be the absolute and infallible Word of God(2), written for our instruction to live a life of peace(3) and righteousness(4). We believe in the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who is the Father of Jesus Christ(5). We believe that all mankind are born separated from God(6), because of the sin that entered into the world through the fall of Adam(7). We believe that in God’s love for all mankind, He chose to send His Son to the earth, born of a virgin by the power of The Holy Spirit, to be crucified on a cross(8), in order to remove the barrier of sin between us and Himself(9). We believe that Jesus Christ is the absolute only way to the Father and eternal life(10). We believe that every individual must choose personally to accept the free gift of grace afforded to us by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ(11), in order to have a restored relationship with God and enter into the kingdom of heaven(12). We believe that upon salvation, a person is completely forgiven of their past debt of sin and becomes a new creation in the eyes of God(13), is filled with the Holy Spirit of God(14), will desire to follow His will and instructions(15) and will be recognizably different from the pattern of those apart from Christ(16).

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We believe that all people have been separated from God through the act of one man’s (Adam) rebellion. Through the act of one Man’s (Jesus Christ) obedience, we have been afforded the opportunity to be reconciled in our relationship with God through His grace(1). We believe that the only way to The Father is through The Son, Jesus Christ(2). Without Jesus serving as our sacrificial sin offering, we would forever be cursed and cut off from God(3).

(1) Romans 5:12-21, (2) John 14:6 (3) John 1:29-30



We believe that Jesus showed, by example, the biblical basis for water baptism(1). We believe that a biblical model for baptism is one that is conducted by bodily submersion(2). We believe that baptism should take place only following salvation(3). We believe that baptism is not a step or method of salvation, but is a symbolism and act of obedience that we are called to, following salvation as noted above(4).

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We believe in the gifts of The Spirit, as outlined in Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 and 1 Corinthians 12:27-30. We believe that the gifts of The Spirit are not learned, but are freely distributed by God, according to His perfect will(1). We believe that every gift of The Spirit is to be used for The Body of Christ to reach its full potential and the individual Christian to experience full life. We insist upon biblical order in how the gifts are to be used(2). We believe it to be of utmost importance that every gift of The Spirit work together to meet one common goal, to show people the love of God(3).

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We believe in eternal security. Any person, who in simple faith, places their trust in Jesus Christ, receives the gift of eternal life(1). Eternal life never ends(2). Every child of God is sealed by the Holy Spirit and safe and secure for all eternity(3). A Christian can lose their fellowship, joy and power, but their relationship with God is eternally secure through their faith in Christ(4). We do not entertain the doctrine that suggests a person can lose their salvation, rather, we disciple people on what biblically secure salvation is and guide people into a personal and authentic belief in Christ(5). We do not believe that an individual can choose to walk away from the grip of salvation and grace of God. We believe that once a person places their faith in Jesus, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ(6).

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The Bible teaches predestination and the unconditional election of God, with God being sovereign in salvation(1). In His sovereignty, we believe that God created every individual with a clear plan and purpose designed to prosper them, rather than harm them(2) and desires for all humanity to be reconciled to Himself(3). The Bible also tells us to believe in Jesus, asserting a definite measure of free will(4). We hold to both predestination and free will(5). We do not attempt to logically reconcile the two. We accept them both as true, working together to restore the shattered relationship between mankind and God(6). The doctrine of free will and predestination is a complex mystery and we wait on further understanding, once we are in heaven(7). We challenge people to believe in Jesus(8), while trusting God to open their eyes and hearts into faith in Christ.

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