Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Epicenter? The home base of Battle Cry Ministries where we are housing people who come in to serve. The Epicenter is also the home of Servanthood Fellowship. See our LOCATE page for directions.

Do you really host people free of charge? We really do.

Is there a minimum length of stay? There is no minimum stay for overnight volunteers. We can accommodate RV's for overnight volunteers wishing to bring their RV.

What should I pack? We recommend packing long pants and shirts that you do not mind getting very dirty. We also recommend bringing a pair of work boots or closed toe shoes. Bring something comfortable for down times and modest night clothes to sleep in. You will not need any linens, but we do need you to bring a towel and a blanket. Don't forget your toiletries and bring a good pair of ear plugs for all the noises that come with bunkhouse sleeping.

What do the sleeping accommodations look like? We have a 64 bed bunkhouse with 4 separate bunk rooms that sleep 16 people each. This allows us to sleep men/women/youth groups/families with a measure of privacy. If need be, we can accommodate more than 64 people by creating overflow accommodations in our fellowship hall or campground, The Wilderness.

Do you have showers? We have a men's and women's shower house with 3 showers in each, 6 showers in total. For larger groups, we have access to a shower trailer.

How do the meals work? We serve breakfast every morning at 7:30 am. Volunteers will make themselves a sack lunch to take with them into the field. We serve dinner every night at 6:30 pm.

Is there a maximum number of people that can be accommodated? We are able to comfortably accommodate 64 people. We are willing to accommodate more, however, any overflow would need to be willing to sleep on air mattresses and cots within our fellowship hall or in tents and hammocks within our campground, The Wilderness.

Is there a minimum age requirement? There is no minimum age requirement, however, youth 17 and below must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian/sponsor (age 21 or older).

Are youth groups welcome? Youth groups may serve with Battle Cry Ministries, but an 8 to 1 youth to adult leader ratio is required. 

What is your primary relief target area? The greater Houston area, however, our primary focus is Montgomery County.

Do I have to have construction skills to participate? We are in need of a lot of help in a lot of areas. Anyone with any skill set will be a vital part of our relief strategy. If you don't have construction skills but want to help in the field, we are ready and willing to do some on the job training. 

Are there opportunities for the local community to help with the long term strategy? There are six key service opportunities for volunteers who need overnight accommodations, as well as those within our local community and those who want to serve for the day. See our PARTICIPATE page for details and how to get plugged in.

Will I be asked to complete a volunteer release and waiver of liability? Volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer release/waiver as they arrive to The Epicenter.

What type of work could I expect to do? Volunteers will be assisting homeowners with demo, mold eradication, construction prep and build back. Basically, we will be helping people move from demo to doorknobs.

Do I need to bring tools? All tools will be provided, however, volunteers may bring any tools they want to bring. It would help if you could bring work gloves and safety glasses.