We are booked full through the 1st week of August. If you would like to schedule a date after the first week of August, please complete the form below.


Summer Internship

We are looking to bring in a few summer interns to become a part of our Battle Cry Ministries team. This team will help us host volunteers from across the country and assist in every aspect of our hurrican Harvey relief efforts. Summer interns will stay FREE of charge in one of our bunk rooms and will be well taken care of in regards to meals. Although we would prefer a full summer commitment, we are willing to accomodate summer interns for one week, two week and one month stints as well. If this is something you think you may be interested in, click the link below to check out all the details and to submit your summer intern application.

Summer Intern Info & Application


Local Tasks Force Recruitment

Many hands make light work! We could use as much local involvment as we could get. Please click the LOCAL TASK FORCE link below to read the descriptions of each opportunity and consider becoming a part of our long term LOCAL relief team.