Over the years, Homer has written many series on a variety of scriptural themes. Six of those series are shown and described below. We are currently working on the artwork and layout for the remaining themes and will soon have the entire library of series posted. Any of our series can be adapted for a variety of venues, such as revival services, disciple now weekend, camps or retreats. We can also adapt each of them to an age appropriate setting. In addition to the series we currently have on file, we are happy to partner with churches or camp directors to create a custom series for any event. To book us to come and speak a series for your church or event, submit a booking form on the scheduling page.


‘The Truth Tour’ is both a discipleship and evangelism event, established to partner with the local church, in developing their people into passionate followers of Jesus Christ, while presenting gospel truth to the unbeliever. With an unapologetic approach to dividing God’s Word and relevant worship that is both intimate and Christ focused, we have set a course to go into the world and make obedient disciples. We would like to invite you to take full advantage of ‘The Truth Tour’. Our desire is to bring this ministry to your back yard, at a low cost for all to afford. Large or small, urban, rural or suburban, whatever the venue, we want to bring the powerful truth of God’s Word into your community and witness The Holy Spirit radically change lives and alter minds. For more information about how easy it is to bring ‘The Truth Tour’ to your area, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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‘The Epicenter’ was placed upon my heart in the spring of 2005. God showed me that He would incorporate into Battle Cry Ministries a mission center that would greatly impact our community for Christ and send shock-waves of His power across our nation and around the world. If you are interested in bringing a team into Magnolia Texas for a time of strategic mission work and street evangelism, click on 'The Epicenter' heading above to visit 'The Epicenter' website. Once you check it all out, just send us an e-mail and we'll get you scheduled in and lined out.


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The Truth Tour