There are 3 key ways to get involved with the ministry efforts of Battle Cry. You can provide. You can pray. You can promote. The particulars on each of these methods of getting involved are detailed below...


At Battle Cry Ministries, we never charge a fee for any ministry opportunity that God brings our way. This has been our philosophy from day one and we have seen God take care of every need, every step of the way. Over the years, He has sent ordinary people to faithfully fund what He has called us to accomplish and to lovingly provide the living expenses for me and my family. We have been sweetly blessed and greatly humbled through His always, timely provision.

Of course, we would first urge you to faithfully tithe to your home church, but we also appeal to you to prayerfully consider partnering with Battle Cry Ministries, through a monthly financial contribution.

The bible states, "Your treasure is where your heart is." If Battle Cry Ministries has been a blessing to your heart and if The Holy Spirit stirs your heart to help us be a blessing to others, we are asking that you consider setting aside a portion of your treasure for the continuing of our kingdom efforts.

Simply fill out the information below, submit it, and we will send you a copy of our monthly newsletter. This mission report will enable you to send your support, as well as keep you informed of how your gift is impacting people with the gospel.

Thank you for your sincere consideration.

-Homer Allison Jr.


Although the results may not always be measurable, the prayers of God’s children accomplish much. I believe that! I recognize that without a heavy prayer covering, this ministry will be less effective. Without heartfelt prayer, the power and anointing for our ministry will not flow as God intends it to. It is my desire to see God move in full power at every ministry opportunity He brings our way. I am not satisfied with a trickle of His power, I want nothing less than His mighty rushing river.



Word of mouth has always proved to be our greatest method of promotion. In addition, it is also an inexpensive method. If you have experienced our ministry and were blessed as a result, please consider sharing the heart of Battle Cry with a friend or family member, who may in turn, share with their pastor or key decision maker of their church. If you have personal contact with a pastor or key decision maker, please consider sharing our ministry directly to them.

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